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UK Document Services

UK Document Services are an independent organisation who offer an online service for ordering UK Birth Certificates, UK Marriage Certificates, UK Death Certificates, and UK Divorce Certificates. In addition to this we also offer both an Apostille Service and a Translation Service. It's quick, easy and secure.

Whether you need a replacement birth certificate, replacement marriage certificate, replacement death certificate or replacement divorce certificate, we specialise in providing certificates from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and for events registered in the UK which occurred Overseas.

We are a team of researchers who have experience in the search and location of historical records. We locate GRO index reference numbers enabling us to obtain replacement certificates promptly.

Our friendly customer service support team will handle all elements of the ordering process for you, providing a one stop shop solution.

Order a replacement certificate today:

Birth, Marriage and Death certificates are ordered from the General Register Office (GRO). The GRO is part of the Identity and Passport Service and oversees civil registration in England and Wales. They maintain the national archive of all births, marriages and deaths dating back to 1837. Divorce certificates are ordered from the local courts or the Central Family Court. UK Document Services are not affiliated with the GRO, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), local courts, the Central Family Court or any other government body.

Certificates ordered through UK Document Services are available from £25.00, dispatched in 10 working days without a GRO reference index number. We appreciate that our services are more expensive than those provided by the GRO, however included in our price, alongside the physical cost of the certificate, we provide valuable added benefits.

Birth, Marriage and Death certificates are available directly from the official website, from £9.25, dispatched in 15 working days without a GRO reference index number.

Divorce certificates are available directly from the official website at a cost of £45.00 if the case number is unknown or from £10.00 if you know both the case number and the court. Divorce certificates are dispatched in 20 working days.

Apostilles are available directly from the official website, from £30.00.

Valuable Added Benefits:

Timescales - Using our Standard Service, we will dispatch your order within 10 working days without a GRO reference index number. The same order using the standard service provided by the GRO can take up to 15 working days, 3 full weeks, before your certificate is issued. Should you have GRO reference index numbers which should include Quarter, District Name & Number, Volume Number, Register Number, DOR and Page Number the GRO can dispatch your order within 4 working days.

Using our Rapid Service, we will dispatch your order within 5 working days without a GRO reference index number. The GRO do not offer this service.

Using our Priority Service at a cost of £60.00, your certificate will be dispatched the next working day without providing us with a GRO reference index number. We will locate the correct entry and reference numbers for you, enabling us to process and arrange the dispatch of the certificate within the given timescales. We review Priority orders within 1 hour of receipt of the order. We check the records and if there is an issue, we will contact you immediately, keeping you informed.

The same order provided by the GRO, using the Priority Service at a cost of £23.40 will also be dispatched the next working day, however should any of the information on the order form be incomplete or inaccurate, the GRO will not communicate with you during the order process. The GRO will return and refund your application and the certificate will not be supplied. This potentially could be too late as you are expecting the certificate to arrive and 1 working day would have been lost.

Response Times - UK Document Services will respond by email within 2 working hours. The stated GRO response time is 5 working days.

Amending Your Order - UK Document Services offer you the ability to amend and/or cancel your order if it has not already been processed. The GRO have no ability to amend or cancel an order at any stage, for example, should an incorrect delivery address be supplied, it cannot be amended and the requested certificate will be sent to incorrect address.

Research & Genealogy - If you have limited details regarding your order, you are able to add further supporting information using the More Information link on the Order Page. UK Document Services will search multiple years and variations of name and place to locate the correct record. We will communicate which records we have located and proceed once you have agreed which record is correct. We will find the relevant GRO reference index numbers, enabling us to process and arrange the dispatch of the certificate within the given timescales. Should you order directly with the GRO, have limited information and are unable to provide GRO reference index numbers, there is nowhere on the GRO Order Form where additional information can be added. The GRO will search the whole of England/Wales and one year either side of a specific year. If they are unable to locate the record with your exact order details, the GRO will cancel and refund the order within 15 working days, with no prior communication. You will not receive the certificate, wasting valuable time.

Recent Events - UK Document Services offer an online ordering service for Birth, Marriage and Death events up to the present date. The GRO are unable to provide certificates for Birth & Death events registered within the last 6 months and Marriage events registered within the last 18 months.

Postage Options - UK Document Services offer 1st Class Postage, Signed For Service, International Tracked Service and Worldwide Courier Service for all our services. The GRO offer 1st Class Postage for Standard Service orders and only offer Special Delivery and Courier Service for Priority Orders.

Scan & Send Service - We offer a Scan & Send Service available for all certificates regardless of the date of when the event was registered. We do not require any GRO index references as we will locate these for you. The GRO only offer a Scan & Send Service when a GRO index reference is supplied. This service is only available for Birth certificates from 1837 to 1917 and for Death certificates from 1837 to 1957. Scans of Marriage certificates are not available via the GRO.

Apostille/Legalisation Service - Using UK Document Services if you require an Apostille on a Birth, Marriage or Death certificate you can simply add this to your order. We do not require you to complete any additional forms. We will handle any queries on your behalf, and complete the entire process, providing a hassle-free service. The Apostille service is not provided by the GRO, but by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), therefore you would have to follow 2 separate processes and make 2 separate payments. You would be required to post any certificates to the FCO. Any queries from the GRO and the FCO would need to be actioned by yourself.

Translation Service - UK Document Services offer a Translation Service. The GRO and FCO do not provide a Translation Service.

Key Information

Long Form Certificates

We supply full or long form certificates which are certified legal copies, unabridged, suitable for official purposes.


A Divorce certificate is also referred to as a Decree Absolute, Divorce Certificate, Divorce Affidavit, Legal Decree, or Divorce Absolute. You will receive a fully certified legal copy of a Decree Absolute, suitable for official purposes.

Order a Divorce certificate today:


We also provide an Apostille certification service. This ensures your documents are recognised worldwide by all members of the Hague Convention.


If you need your certificate translated into another language, we can help you. For further information please see our translation website.

Customers from UK, Europe and Worldwide

We can help customers from the UK, Europe and Worldwide locations.


If you need a birth, marriage or death certificate for applications such as Passports, Pensions, Visas, Driving Licences, Work pre-checks including Criminal Records Bureau checks, Housing Applications, Social Security and Immigration or are conducting Family History Research, we are here to help.

If you have lost your divorce certificate, or you need a replacement, you've been married or in a civil partnership before so you'll need evidence you're free to remarry or enter a new civil partnership, or you require an extra copy or even to find out whether a friend or relative has been divorced, we can help you.

Unsure of the details?

If you do not know all the details for your certificate, this is not a problem. We will do our best with the information you have to locate the record and will confirm the details with you if we are unsure. If you decide not to proceed, we will issue you a full refund.


You can pay through our secure server using your Credit Card, Debit or PayPal. We accept payments using Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Maestro and JCB cards.

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Your Security

UK Document Services provide a safe and secure online ordering system for replacement certificates. All private data sent between your browser and our servers is protected using industry standard encryption protocols.


All certificates are dispatched within the stated time frame shown on the order form. Certificates can be delivered to your door anywhere in the world. If your request is urgent we offer a Priority Service and a number of postage options.